Custom Prime Power Solution for Exclusive Fishing Resort on BC Coast

Custom Prime Power Solution for Exclusive Fishing Resort on BC Coast

Super Quiet Prime Power, Paralleling with 120 Kilowatts for maximum loads.

From the moment you walk into the custom designed cargo container you can tell that everything is top drawer. From the checker plated floor, to the Inside Containerinsulated perforated aluminum sheeting, designed to keep the sound from ever leaving the inside of the container. (Although having it buried deep inside a hill certainly ensures that as well.)

Custom fabricated self contained Power Generating Station. It almost seems a shame to hide this custom built solution away, but for the guests of this exclusive fishing resorts mooring their massive yachts, the idea is to be neither seen, nor heard, Howard McCoy and his crew of diesel / electric fabricators accomplished just that.


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The Prime Power Generating system is designed from the ground up to run seamlessly on both light duty cycles and at maximum peak loads.

When all the pleasure crafts yachts come into to moor and maximum power supply is needed during these peak load times, the Paralleling switching gear, from Deep Sea Electronics DSE brings both generators online. 

The larger Generator is the Cadillac (or the Gold Standard ) of the operation is the 4BT3.9-g2
102 hp 80kw Cummins Diesel Generator that was custom fabricated in the Discovery Diesel Electric shop. The Alternator is 1800RPM 3phase 208 volt.

The secondary generator is a B series 3.3 40kw and is designed to run when the loads are smaller to burn less fuel and conserve energy. When loads become less it automatically shuts itself down and on peak loads The 4BT3.9 Cummins comes online too for a 120kw power generating capacity.

The Interior Distribution panel inside the container is for outside loads, that is to say, all the other loads other than what the docks require. This will feed any house loads, washrooms etc.

Custom Light Package

The custom light package is state of the art, and is powered from outside source a micro hydro station.  A 30kw Pelton Wheel Generator when generators are off line, or to run from generators. The system is designed to always have lights regardless of the situation and to provide years of low maintenance service.


Day Tank
Custom Built Day Tank

This unit comes with a custom build day tank for fuel, but unit is fed from the storage tank outside of the container.

#1 cooper teck cable
Cabling, parallel runs off #1 copper teck cable,
and control wires are 12 conductor for both of the gen sets.

#1 Cooper Teck Cable
#1 Cooper Teck Cable


So how does this custom power generating package work?

  1. The Diesel Power Generation station is set in the side of a hill and back-filled completely covered except for the access door for servicing. This reduces the noise to make the whole generator station ultra quiet.
  2. As load increases the generators will kick on as needed. When it reaches capacity it will have paralleling value of both units and the entire power system can generate a maximum of 120 kw. As  the power demand decreases, the generators will automatically shut off, depending on how much load is required. On light duty cycles only the B series 3.3 40 kw one plant will be running and when loads decrease even more, the 30 KW mini hydro station will operate for maximum efficiency.
  3. From the Diesel Prime Power Under Ground Generating station it goes to the 600 volts distribution center. This then feeds the kiosk that have the transformers and moves the power from 600 volts to 208 volts. These units are weather proof stainless steel, top end units.
  4. From the 208 transformer kiosk, the power is then transferred to the distribution pods located on the docks, to service some of the most exclusive yachts to be seen anywhere. The power distribution pods provide both 30 amp and 50 amp services

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  • B series 3.3 40kw

    B series 3.3 40kw

    B series 3.3 40kw
  • B series 3.3 40kw
    B series 3.3 40kw
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