See the alternative energy solutions that will change our world

See the alternative energy solutions that will change our world

We have long had a love affair with petroleum based fuel solutions and our world has long depended on fossil fuels for energy generation, but now cutting edge technologies, are providing viable new energy solutions that will change energy as we know it.

General Electric has partnered with National Geographic to explore the future of energy sourced from new and unique sources in Energy on the Edge, an episode of the thrilling new Breakthough TV series.

The episode follows innovative alternative energy projects that will enable clean energy to be collected from previously untapped sources and help humanity address the significant damage we have done to our environment.

“There is clean, safe energy all around us, and we are obligated to find ways to access it,” says director Akiva Goldsman, who also directed the likes of Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Cinderella Man and I Am Legend. more..

As stated by Ken Braun

Tomorrow’s alternative energy may be a big solution you haven’t heard about today

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Ken goes on to say in the article. ‘

The phrase ‘alternative energy’ is often deployed as a euphemism for options that don’t seem to provide enough power to be worth the trouble. Yet almost all the big energy sources we use were once the alternative to what was being used before. There are many energy options in the works today that promise to power much more of our world tomorrow than what we often call ‘alternatives.’ These potentially huge solutions rarely receive the same attention.

Defenders of wind and solar subsidies often point to nuclear energy as an example of an alternative that needed taxpayer help to succeed. True, but unlike each of those nuclear power was a big solution that scaled up quickly. Today a nation as large and rich as France can obtain most of its electricity from nuclear.

Germany recently began a shutdown of its nuclear program and launched an energy regime based on ‘renewables.’ Because the wind won’t blow and the sun won’t shine reliably, the result has been painful prices and other market distortions. The Economist reported two years ago that 38 percent of Germany’s non-fossil fuel ‘renewable’ consumption came from burning wood, the fuel choice for the caveman.

Wind power will always be with us, but its day of dominance was also yesterday. It brought Columbus to this continent, but ocean vessels have long since switched over to coal, then petroleum and even nuclear. The status of wind as a promising ‘alternative’ after five centuries should set off alarm bells about its limits.

Solar surely is cutting-edge technology, but even wind power output dwarfs solar. And like wind, there is a reliability issue: We still need power when the sun doesn’t shine. Burning wood still produces more American power – and more reliable power – than solar panels.

By contrast, hydraulic fracturing was a sketchy ‘alternative’ just over a decade ago, but has since transformed the world’s petroleum and natural gas markets. Real alternative energy is in these big scale possibilities.’

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