Cummins Power Generation
Air Cooled Series


  • Very quiet operation
  • Internet remote monitoring and email notification
  • Self-diagnostic capability
  • Service and maintenance information displayed on in-home display
  • Easy installation with innovative molded polymer installation base
    – no need for a concrete pad
  • Generator designed and manufactured in the USA
  • 5 year, 2000 hour limited warranty
ModelsHertz (HZ)Rating (kW/kVa)FuelVoltageAmpsPhase
RS13A60 NG120/24092/461
RS13A60 LPV120/240106/531
RS13AC*60 NG120/24092/461
RS13AC*60 LPV120/240106/531
RS20A60 NG120/240144/721
RS20A60 LPV120/240162.5/81.251
RS20AC*60 NG120/240154/771
RS20AC*60 LPV120/240140/701
RS14AF50 NG / LPV115/230118/591

*Models exclusive to Canada


Compatible ATS:


Air Cooled Series

Unique design available in 13-20 kW, internet remote monitoring, easy to install and quiet operation.

QuietConnect™ Series

Available in 22-40 kW, ideal for medium to large homes, featuring quiet operation.  

PowerConnect™ Series

Available in 30-60 kW, features a unique enclosure design and robust performance for extreme weather.

Liquid Cooled Gas Series

Comprehensive back up power in 45-100 kW, liquid cooled gas generators with proven performance.

Watch the video below and see the advantages of a backup power generator for your home.