Cummins Power Generation PowerConnectSeries


  • Advanced Enclosure Design – The aesthetically appealing enclosure incorporates special designs that deliver one of the quietest generators of its kind.
  • Flexible Exercise Mode – The innovative, flexible exercise mode enables the generator to exercise at a time, frequency and duration that suits the customer’s preference.
  • Self-Diagnostics and Easy Service – The generator is equipped with Cummins PowerCommand© electronic control to provide industry-leading self diagnostic capabilities.
ModelsHertz (HZ)Rating (kW/kVa)FuelVoltageAmpsPhase
RX306030NG / LPV120/2401251
RX306030NG / LPV120/208104.13
RX306030NG / LPV120/24090.33
RX366036NG / LPV120/2401501
RX366036NG / LPV120/208124.93
RX366036NG / LPV120/240108.33
RX366036NG / LPV277/48054.13
RX406040NG / LPV120/240166.71
RX406040NG / LPV120/208138.83
RX406040NG / LPV120/240120.43
RX406040NG / LPV277/48060.23
RX456045NG / LPV120/240187.51
RX456045NG / LPV120/208156.13
RX456045NG / LPV120/240135.43
RX456045NG / LPV277/48067.73
RX506050NG / LPV120/240208.31
RX506050NG / LPV120/208173.53
RX506050NG / LPV120/240150.53
RX506050NG / LPV277/48072.23
RX606060NG / LPV120/2402501
RX606060NG / LPV120/208208.23
RX606060NG / LPV120/240180.63
RX606060NG / LPV277/48090.33


Compatible ATS:

Air Cooled Series

Unique design available in 13-20 kW, internet remote monitoring, easy to install and quiet operation.

QuietConnect™ Series

Available in 22-40 kW, ideal for medium to large homes, featuring quiet operation.  

PowerConnect™ Series

Available in 30-60 kW, features a unique enclosure design and robust performance for extreme weather.

Liquid Cooled Gas Series

Comprehensive back up power in 45-100 kW, liquid cooled gas generators with proven performance.

Watch the video below and see the advantages of a backup power generator for your home.

Howard prides himself on being pretty picky and with his 40 years in the business, he knows what works best.

“We have our own paint booth paint and have our own painters and structural work and everything is done in house.

We like to use local businesses like ‘Shop Coastal Welding’ they do all our enclosures and we use a local powder coat company ‘Billy Powder Coat’ for all our powder coating.
Whatever we can do we like supporting local companies and use them whenever we can, but we are always looking for the best and sometimes we just have to go outside the community to find the talent we need to ensure the best possible power solution.”