Rental Generators & Equipment

Rental Generator Guidlines

One Month = 28 days
One Week = Monthly Rate ÷ 3
One Week = Weekly Rate ÷ 2


Power cable sets charged separately as required, damaged or missing cables will be invoiced.
Fuel tank on generator is full upon shipping, must be full on return or charged $1.65/ltr.
Any unit operated over 100 Hours will have full service billed to customer.
Any unit operated less than 100 Hours will be inspected and cleaned up, 1 hour shop rate will apply.
Stationary units may be transferred to trailers as required, minimum of 1 month required.

Daily Allowance:

1 hour – standby (additional hours billed @ hourly rate / daily ÷ 24)
8 hour – Single Shift
16 Hour – Double Shift
24 hour – Prime (continuous)


Portable – open unit with fuel tank base
Stationary – open unit, no fuel tank base

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