Rental Generators & Equipment

Rental Generator Guidlines

One Month = 28 days
One Week = Monthly Rate ÷ 3
One Week = Weekly Rate ÷ 2


Power cable sets charged separately as required, damaged or missing cables will be invoiced.
Fuel tank on generator is full upon shipping, must be full on return or charged $1.65/ltr.
Any unit operated over 100 Hours will have full service billed to customer.
Any unit operated less than 100 Hours will be inspected and cleaned up, 1 hour shop rate will apply.
Stationary units may be transferred to trailers as required, minimum of 1 month required.

Daily Allowance:

1 hour – standby (additional hours billed @ hourly rate / daily ÷ 24)
8 hour – Single Shift
16 Hour – Double Shift
24 hour – Prime (continuous)


Portable – open unit with fuel tank base
Stationary – open unit, no fuel tank base

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Howard prides himself on being pretty picky and with his 40 years in the business, he knows what works best.

“We have our own paint booth paint and have our own painters and structural work and everything is done in house.

We like to use local businesses like ‘Shop Coastal Welding’ they do all our enclosures and we use a local powder coat company ‘Billy Powder Coat’ for all our powder coating.
Whatever we can do we like supporting local companies and use them whenever we can, but we are always looking for the best and sometimes we just have to go outside the community to find the talent we need to ensure the best possible power solution.”