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No Utility? No Problem.

We provide solutions when there’s no other source of electricity

Exceptional support with unrivaled expertise. 


We go anywhere on the coast where ever the service is required regardless of how remote.

We specialize in the production of Prime power generator packages.

Most of the villages are very remote and usually when they’re power goes down there they’re in a panic to get things back to normal.

It’s the same situation in any Prime power situation they’re all the same.

We can do it very fast turn around times if we are using our rental Fleet, we can basically get something on the barge today if the customers can arrange transportation we can have it to them within hours on the island.

Currently We have a 500 Kilowatt plant down at the William Head Penitentiary. They lost their backup generator so we had that one in there for them and hooked up within 5 hours. And it’s still sitting there waiting for theirs to be repaired .

We have a very large fleet. 4 350 Kilowatt units, pair of 540 have 2 or 3 250 a couple of 150s 100 80s all the way down 15 kilowatts. Currently the rental fleet sits at 18 units, but Howard say’s they come and go so fast it’s hard to keep track.




Howard prides himself on being pretty picky and with his 40 years in the business, he knows what works best.

“We have our own paint booth paint and have our own painters and structural work and everything is done in house.

We like to use local businesses like ‘Shop Coastal Welding’ they do all our enclosures and we use a local powder coat company ‘Billy Powder Coat’ for all our powder coating.
Whatever we can do we like supporting local companies and use them whenever we can, but we are always looking for the best and sometimes we just have to go outside the community to find the talent we need to ensure the best possible power solution.”