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Diesel Generator Rentals

Diesel Generator Rentals

Our specialty are diesel generator rentals units from 5 kilowatt to 1 megawatt. We boast Vancouver Island’s largest fleet of trailer diesel generator units

 250 KVA Rental Generator
High Capacity Diesel Generator Rental Units on skids.

These powerful diesel generator units have been engineered to run for extended periods without requiring re-fueling. Our skid mounted diesel generator incorporates a large capacity fuel cell enabling some units to run for extended periods of time before needing fuel. Needing fewer fuel drops saves you money and decreases your risk of losing power. Skid mounted generators also offer the advantage of being more difficult to steal from the job site.

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Renting Temporary Power – Diesel Generator Rentals the Smart Choice

Here’s some great reasons to get your Diesel Generator Rentals from Discovery.

  • Diesel power generator solution for camp power.
  • Diesel generator rentals for shutdowns.
  • Temporary diesel generator rentals for emergency response.
  • Diesel generator rentals for turnarounds.
  • A temporary rental generator package for planned maintenance.

Plus all the other great reasons why renting a temporary diesel generator for your power needs sometimes makes more sense.

Above are just a few examples of times when renting temporary diesel power generating equipment might be needed.

So why rent? Well, there are a lot of reasons renting can seem like a better choice, the most obvious being associated cost savings. When it doesn’t make sense to invest capital into a generator package for a 3 – 6 month project when you can rent a diesel generator package for less than a tenth of the cost of owning one? The same can be said for the power distribution equipment needed to step the voltage up or down with your diesel generator power solution – along with the transfer switches, transformers, panels, protection, cable and other equipment your job might require. 

Do away with the overhead of owning your diesel generator power generation package,

Get rid of the added expense of maintenance and repairs, storage, labor, certifications, permits, engineering, planning and logistics. We have the right temporary diesel power generation package when it makes sense to rent? click to view diesel generator rentals..

We have the Correct Diesel Generator Rentals Solution for Your Power Requirements

Discovery Diesel Electric has an extensive inventory of stock and custom-made rental power equipment – whether you need substations, transformers, distribution and protection, panels and switches we got your solution and just as importantly, we also have access to whatever speciatly requirements you may need. We are Red Seal certified electrical contractor, so you can res assured that you don’t have to working with a whole network of industry trades people for your rental generator suppliers, we can act as your temporary power provider and installer, providing an all-in-one solution for everything your project needs, from generators to cable and everything in between. We’ll handle all the details, including:

  • Budget
  • Power requirements and site design 
  • Equipment selection and availability
  • Location and environment 
  • Permitting
  • Freight
  • Installation
  • Refueling and equipment removal
  • We will do the work for you to provide the equipment, design it’s roll-out and deliver it all with a competitive price. Expect our power experts to provide a comprehensive solution that fits your project needs.

Sometimes it makes more sense to rent? click to view rentals..


This is what we will do for you…

Analyze your site requirements, site logistics and power generating equipment requirements.

Source the best possible diesel generator equipment options for you, including factors such as, budget and freight.

We present a quote that details your options in manner that makes sense to you. It will include a graphical representation (single-line diagram) of all equipment needed and how we recommend it should be configured.

Then our attention to detail for our clients means we are there for you 24/7, from implementation to site wrap.
Providing Diesel Generation Rental Services up and down the coastal BC region, including Prince George, Prince Rupert, The Queen Charlotte Islands, The Sunshine Coast, Powell River, Courtenay & Comox, Nanaimo, Parksville & Qualicum, Port Albeni, Duncan and Victoria and all points in between.

Discovery Diesel Electric is well versed in planned power generation projects months in advance or dealing with an emergency outage, our Diesel Electric Rentals will deliver the RIGHT solution for your power challenges. With our excellent inventory selection, and in-house capabilities, we can be your single-source resource, no matter the size, location or environment. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, quality, safety & support will set your mind at ease.

Sure there maybe other Generator rental vendors available for you to request quotes from. But none that can provide the entire scope of service we can to see your project though. Some may not have the power generating equipment, and others won’t have the qualified personnel to install your diesel generator, and even more won’t have the knowledge, requiring you to multiple companies and that is an unnecessary headache.


Our Team of Experts Plan Your Power Generation Project for Success

Everybody at Discovery Diesel Electric is either a Journeyman Electrician or has an extensive background in temporary power project management. Our knowledge and experience spans across a vast array of industries, handling big projects filled with little details. We will save you from an incredibly time consuming task, present a competitive quote and make sure your project is planned for success and executed with precision.


Ask us about our CSA Approved Power Generation Equipment, Innovative Design and Turnkey Service


QA/QC Equipment
Our high quality product standards and stringent designs come from our project managers all having field experience as Journeyman Electricians, working onsite and in the elements. That experience, along with years of customer feedback, goes into the concept, design and manufacturing of new equipment. We’re proud to brand the high-quality, user-friendly equipment we develop in house with the Discovery Diesel Electrics Generator brand.

All our power generation equipment is NEMA 3R outdoor rated, CSA approved and comes with a protective frame with crane, forklift, and pallet jack lifting points. We manufacture with plug-n-go convenience, safety and ease-of-use in mind; camlok is the standard, but hardwire options are also readily available. Whatever your project demands, we can meet the need.

And our research and development never ends. We are committed to the ongoing enhancement of our equipment line, in the form of upgraded units and complete redesigns. End-user feedback has been key to the reputation for equipment quality reputation we are proud to have earned.

If you have any questions about our equipment, specifications or applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sometimes it makes more sense to rent a diesel power generation solution? click to view generator rentals..

Howard prides himself on being pretty picky and with his 40 years in the business, he knows what works best.

“We have our own paint booth paint and have our own painters and structural work and everything is done in house.

We like to use local businesses like ‘Shop Coastal Welding’ they do all our enclosures and we use a local powder coat company ‘Billy Powder Coat’ for all our powder coating.
Whatever we can do we like supporting local companies and use them whenever we can, but we are always looking for the best and sometimes we just have to go outside the community to find the talent we need to ensure the best possible power solution.”